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Hola!  My name is Luis.  I tried doing a blog once in the past, but completely forgot about it after about 2 weeks.  Maybe I lacked commitment?  Maybe I quit because nobody was reading it?  Well that won’t be a problem here, because this blog is going to be awesome!  I will post photos from climbing trips.  I will give tips on route setting.  And if you’re lucky, I may share a couple of my legendary recipes :)


Here are some stats about me:

  • I am the manager and head setter at Vital Climbing Gym in Murrieta California.
  • I love my job and my gym
  • I’m Cuban
  • I’m 6’2” tall with a +1.5” ape index
  • I don’t climb highballs
  • I live in Southern California (Corona, to be exact)
  • I love fish and aquariums (a little too much, some say)
  • I’ve played basketball and roller hockey since I was a little tike
  • I’m happiest when I’m drinking chocolate milk or squeezing big ole fat pinches on a steep overhang


Alright, no more time to slack off.  I need to finish packing for the morning journey up to BISHOP!!!  This will be my first time climbing in Bishop and I’m SUPER excited!  Ya better believe my next post will be dedicated to all my whining about how all of those boulders are way too high.  Ha!


~ by Luis Falero on January 2, 2013 .

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  1.   Manny Says:

    Hey Brown bear, cute new lil blog u have here.Keep it up

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