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1-3-2012 BISHOP!!!

Well, I found my new favorite climbing spot!  The Happy and Sad boulders completely blew my mind.  Amazing roofs and patina everywhere!  I was completely overwhelmed  with the awesomeness of the rock.  We must have  walked by a 100 boulders that would be considered  A+ gems before we even got to the first established climbs!  I now have a lifetime-long tick-list of epic-looking projects to get started.  And I haven’t even brought up the Buttermilks yet!  Unfortunately we didn’t get to climb the ‘Milks because of a snowstorm that blew in on our last day.  But we did drive up so I could get a quick tour of the area.  Touching the holds on The Mandala and Lucid Dreaming made me feel connected to rock climbing in a whole new way.  As an atheist it’s hard to comprehend the spiritual feelings I felt looking at these giants.  These are some  powerful boulders!

Not only is Bishop the best climbing spot I’ve ever been to, it’s an amazing place to camp and fish as well!  We were able to live off the land (water?) and eat some trout that we caught downstream from our campsite in Pleasant Valley.

Living like this in Bishop for 4 days made me understand how all those dirtbag climbers do it.  I found myself thinking of ways that I could take two months off of work and live out of my car just climbing and fishing.  What more do you need?! Showers?  Yeah… good point.

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